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【CO,News】The touch screen connector membrane switch connector
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The touch screen with touch screen software software is not the same, there are a lot of plug-ins, such as buttons, indicator lights, in which you can set the plug-in properties you want to control the point, such as I0.0, Q1.1 etc.. There are many kinds of touch screen touch screen film switch connector and the PLC communication is a master / slave relationship, namely the touch screen data read from the PLC, judge on the display, touch screen film switch connector is not communication communication module separate, PLC read integrated with the touch screen communication port, but it depends on the touch screen and the type of PLC, which can be touch screen and PLC models are selected, in check the response data can solve the enterprises in Finland TactoTek will be the traditional design of electronic products become IMD and printing electronic combination of solutions, and has the capability of rapid reaction and mass production. Not long ago the Faurecia investment, joint development of automobile and home appliances market.
Printing decoration in the film, the film is printed circuit, sensor, antenna, surface mount electronic components, film hot pressing / high pressure molding 3D shape, thin film and plastic injection parts will become IMD, printing and electronic integration, a collection of capacitive touch button, slider, map, atmosphere lamp in automobile the control panel.
Film switch not only in the automotive industry, development potential, in the home appliance industry as a share of the very strong, such as the CJTconn connector client Yangtze River: the United States, AUX, Whirlpool, their air conditioning is the use of touch screen A2550 series connector membrane switch connector is a product with the progress of the times, and is now a variety of electronic products, electronic communications, electronic instruments, industrial control, medical equipment, automobile industry, intelligent products, household appliances and improved preferred components. Thin film switch, touch screen connector is an operating system which integrates button function, indicating component and instrument panel. The main principle of the membrane switch connector is composed of four parts: the panel, the upper circuit, the isolation layer and the lower circuit. Press the film switch, the contact of the upper circuit is downwards deformed, and the contact with the polar plate of the lower circuit is conducted. After the finger is loosened, the upper circuit contact bounce back, the circuit is broken, and the circuit triggers a signal.
The connector is a has 20 years of experience in the production of the manufacturers in the production of membrane switch, in front, producing molex/TE/FCI/Nicomatic equivalent CRIMPFLEX connector series (Changjiang connector A1275/A2550 series). At the same time, CJTconn design, research and development and manufacture of membrane switch connector, superior to the original design and use of models. For example, A2550H-XP-A3H, CJTconn film switch structure is rigorous, beautiful appearance, good sealing. With moisture resistance, long service life and so on. Widely used in electronic communications, electronic measurement instruments, industrial control, medical equipment, automotive industry, intelligent toys, household appliances and other fields. The wide use of thin film switches and touch connectors, the future will be the best choice for more electronic products.



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